Motorcycle tuning is a very difficult task. Every biker wants his/her bike to be better than others. One often comes to the desire of altering the motorcycle after some adjustment period and sometimes the owner of the “iron horse” is eager to give it more chic and glitter just a week after the purchase.
First of all you should decide on the reason of modifying your bike, as well as what you mean by it. Tuning (coming from “to tune”) is the way of ex-works finishing of a ready machine in order to give it some exclusive features or develop them.

Outside tuning

Outside tuning is performed by painting, change of fairings, stickers, grips, mirrors, all the items that do not influence the technical characteristics of the bike. It is mostly done for aesthetic reasons and in pursuit of being different.

Tuning of engine

Tuning of engine means the improvement of its technical characteristics aiming to modify the motorcycle’s dynamics. Desire for engine tuning comes to people who have bought a modern bike and have been fascinated by its incredible power first. But eventually its potential turned out to be not enough. One may change the motorcycle, but if you are used to yours, do not want to change it and moreover it suites you in all other ways, then engine tuning should be done. One should equally consider not only the tuning of engine itself, but also tuning of intake and exhaust systems, as well as adjusting the engine feed system to your riding style. Only doing it in package can have really good effect.

Running gear tuning

Running gear tuning includes change of wheels, braking system, clutch and everything connected with moving of bike.


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