One of the indispensable elements of biker equipment is stylish pants with special protective properties . It can be leather pants or special jeans. Stylish clothes of  famous world brands, as well as other motorcycle clothing are offered for bikers by the Custom Culture salon located on Petrovka, in Kiev.

Wide assortment in Custom Culture

Motorcyclists can buy military-style shorts and moto pants or trendy scuff jeans in the showroom. Let's take a closer look at the assortment of motorcycle equipment and casual models which are presented in the cabin.

Options for men:

  1. Leather pants (worn over jeans) for motorcyclists of such brands as Indian, River Road, Schott, Victory.
  2. Stylish and comfortable jeans which are  finished with hand-made scuffs, rivets and other original elements of legendary brands such as  Affliction, Bering, Biker Jeans, Ixon, Rev'It, Segura.
  3. Motorcycle pants with high protective properties of Rokker brand.
  4. Bikers pants, which is from quality textiles of such brands as Affliction, Indian, Victory.
  5. Thermal underwear for protection at extreme temperatures of such brands as Rokker, X-bionic. 

Vintage pants, moto jeans with high protective properties, comfortable models and modern options for everyday wear are also offered for motorbikes

Features of clothing for motorcyclists

Motorcycle pants have a number of special features. They are made of durable wear-resistant fabric and they protect from wind, water and cold, have breathable properties and provide comfort during a hot day no worse than shorts. Besides, most pants are equipped with special protection for the biker from falls.

Advantages of buying at Custom Culture:

A wide choice of models of the most famous manufacturers are offered, as well as other advantages

  • help and recommendations of experienced consultants; 
  • a full set of equipment: from shoes to helmets; 
  • the ability to choose motorcycle pants with protection; 
  • the opportunity to buy goods at discount prices.

All products meet the high requirements of all who is in love with motorbikes.


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