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1. Copyright

Content of this website is secured by the copyright. Particularly any reproduction, adaptation, translation, layout and revision of the website content in other mass media are subject to copyright. Any full or partial use of the information from the website shall only be allowed upon a prior written consent of the company “Custom Culture Ukraine” (hereinafter – “CCU”). The structure of the website is subject to the copyright as well. Any reproduction of the information or data, in particular texts or their fragments, or graphic materials should be subject to a prior written consent of the company “CCU”. Only the “CCU” company has the right of distribution and reproduction of the information from the website. The copyright covers in full pictures automatically or manually added to the website archives.

Pictures laid out by the company “CCU” on the website may only be used for editorial purposes. Reproduced and/or electronically changed for editorial purposes should have a copyright mark “© CCU All right reserved”. Reprint is free but a copy of the reprinted material should be provided to the company “CCU”.

2. Trademarks

The “CCU” company’s logo is a registered trademark of the company. Any official or unofficial use of this trademark without a prior written consent of the company “CCU” is prohibited and is considered as a violation of the law on trademarks, copyright and other incorporeal rights or the law on unfair competition.

3. Waiver of connection with third parties website content

a. This website has links (i.e. hyperlinks) to other websites supported by third parties with a content unknown to the company “CCU”. Our company assists in access to such websites but is not responsible for their content. Our links to third parties websites are only here to help you navigate through such websites.  Statements on such websites are not our statements. We waive of connection with any content of any third party website linked to our website. In particular we shall not be responsible for any violation of the current legislation norms or third parties rights which may happen on such websites.

b. Going to third parties websites via links on our website you should remember that only the owners of such websites are fully responsible for the content and sale of goods on such websites, as well for processing and execution of any order placed on such websites.

c. The “CCU” company shall not be responsible for any violation of the law on trademarks, copyright or other incorporeal rights, violation of personal non-property rights which may happen on third parties websites which were linked via our website.

d. In case of a court ruling or any other legal act regarding or in connection with a contract between the company “CCU” and a third party, this ruling or any other legal act shall only cover the particular contract between the company “CCU” and a third party it refers to. We kindly ask you to read general terms and conditions of the website that you have linked to via our website.

4. General waiver of responsibility

Any liability of the company “CCU” for damages and losses caused in result of use of this website, regardless the legal grounds including a delict, shall be limited to deliberately caused damages and losses. In case the company “CCU” is liable for violation of its obligations under a contract subject to a binding law, the total amount of any claim for damages shall be limited to the amount of the foreseen damages.

The present provisions do not cover responsibility of the company “CCU” being subject to legal norms on inferior goods or on its liability for the provided guarantees. The abovementioned liability limitations shall not apply in case of damage to human life or health.

The company “CCU” takes significant measures to secure this website against viruses but cannot guarantee it’s completely free from them. Hence we recommend our users to take their own measures and secure their computers against viruses (i.e. to use virus-scanning) prior to downloading documents and data from the website of the “CCU” company.

The company “CCU” cannot guarantee every menu option of the website to work without any mistake or failures and shall not be responsible for the accessibility of such option.

5. Long-term statements and declaration of intent

Long-term statements on this website are based on the latest information we have. But the updated results of our activity may significantly differ for the given long-term data as these results depend on various economic and market factors which are often beyond the CCU control. We do not intend to constantly change the long-term information and data on this website.

6. Goods of the company “CCU”

Goods described on this website are only the specimen goods.

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