Out team

Company CCU was established by true fans of motorcycle culture and each member of the team considers this business as the perfect hobby in the first place. So here they are

Igor Prinus

Also known as Mister – a rare all-type biker: likes choppers and racing motorcycles. He is the founder of the business, though he considers it more of a passionate hobby. Igor is really active in life and is fond of sports: tennis, football, volleyball, fitness. Prefers healthy food, loves noisy parties and cigars.

Tatiana Zolotareva

Manager on foreign-economic activity. She’s strict and serious in work, very responsible, likes it all structured. As Tatiana speaks English she is our contact with our foreign partners. She likes to travel by car all over Ukraine and one day is going to do it on a bike.


Our showroom assistant Yuriy is strong and confident – he is a real biker. If you don’t know what bike to choose – Yuriy is the best to help you make your mind; with his immense knowledge and experience he’ll compare all pros and cons and give you the best advice. Being a master of sports in powerlifting and working as an economist, at one point he has decided to turn the situation around (to leave his job to follow his hobby), luckily for us.


Paul’s got a very interesting, creative and special job – he’s our airbrush painter. And now that we have our own powder coating booth completely equipped, he is very busy making his unique works of art. Paul has a keen sense of humor which helps our team to get through the day with spirits riding high.


Alex is a very responsible and highly experienced mechanic in our workshop. For many years he’s been sharpening his professional skills in BMW workshop and now he knows it all about the bikes. His hobby is compound archery.

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