Most bikers dream to make their ride absolutely special, unique and different from others. Custom builders can make that dream come true. Customizing is a challenge for any workshop, since concept and design of a custom motorcycle are as important as its reliability and performance. It also requires working closely with all clients to ensure the finished product is exactly as ordered.


Creating a new style for your motorcycle offers so many various options, and can only be limited by your imagination, or the custom builder’s designer skills. A short list of what you could do includes:

• painting (all-over or partial);

• airbrushing and special decals;

• custom lighting;

• original mirrors or grips.

Yet with minor changes, your motorcycle would make a statement even before you fire it up.


Apart from restyling your motorcycle, you would most probably want to enhance its performance and have the engaging ride to match. And this part may require individual adjustments, bodywork, reshaping and engineering – basically anything that would improve handling, make your bike comfortable and durable and make you enjoy the ride. But safety always comes first, hence such core customizing should be done by experienced professional. 


This category covers all the electronics and wiring, be that an upgrade of alarm system, or installation of additional lighting and premium audio system, or, sometimes, heated grips to offer superb cruising comfort. 


Changing your motorcycle’s engine would allow making the bike more powerful and improving its motion dynamics. If you love your bike’s style but would like to change its character, our customizers in Custom Culture Kyiv workshop are always happy to deliver help and advice, ensuring you get the right solution for your circumstances, every time. Customizing a motorcycle would be the perfect alternative for those, who prefer to stick to the old reliable bike instead of getting a new one. 

Making changes to an engine is quite a complicated and somewhat costly process. It’s better to settle exactly what you want before you start it, to make sure you get the result that fits all your needs. 

When all the required accessories have been installed and the old components have been replaced, the major process begins – power setting and adjustment involving high accuracy and consideration. Only a carefully adjusted engine would deliver the best performance. To highlight the engine even further, our mechanics could polish it by special technology or make it all chrome-style. 

There are several companies in Kyiv providing motorcycle customizing, and our company is one of them. Custom Culture workshop is equipped with high-end hardware and instruments delivered from the USA, a fact that definitely makes us proud. Our workshop features everything one might need to assemble a bike, paint it and test-drive it, without even leaving the territory. And, of course, our mechanics are up to any challenge of customizing. We keep a fixed inventory of parts and accessories for your bike and provide components through catalogues by Custom Chrome, Rizoma, S&S, Victory, Indian. Stylish and functional accessories by an Italian company Rizoma deserve a special mention. The manufacturer’s close cooperation with motorcycle racing teams at the highest levels is an essential component in transferring knowhow to the final product, for the best results in performance, reliability and safety. Inspired by the world’s beauty and unpredictability, on an annual basis, Rizoma comes up with new universal products and updates complete product lines for all the coming year bikes over 600cc. Our company is an official dealer of Rizoma and we are proud to introduce the brand in Ukraine. 


To improve handling or simply make a difference to the ride you could customize the drivetrain. New wheels, remodeled front fork, adjusted rear suspension, or even outsized springs would give a rider a unique experience. 

Brake system customizing could help you ride with confidence, knowing you can brake safely under control in any situation. For instance, new brake shoe can be installed or brake hoses can be replaced with armored ones. Transmission customizing includes new reinforced sprockets and drive chains that can vary in size, strength and resistance.

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