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Chrome details of your bike are not as shiny and glossy as they used to be? The splendor of your favorite motorcycle is marked by a tiny but nonetheless annoying scratch, and it makes you sick? The engine doesn’t have the sound that used to bring a smile to your face and roiled your neighbors? Those are not good symptoms – your bike may need a treatment. 

But keep your head up! You could still change it for the better, no need to give up on your “good friend”. It just needs a little treatment and, probably, some spare parts that could easily be ordered in Kyiv. Should you come up with an idea to pimp your ride and make it unique – then again, parts & accessories is the key! 

Over time motorcycle components wear down, rust erodes even solid steel and plastic cracks in contrasting temperatures. Maintenance of any vehicle involves spare parts replacement. A motorcycle is no different. Quality repair and maintenance of a bike guarantees safety of its rider. 

to strive, to seek, to find and take a ride!

Finding parts for your motorcycle in Kyiv is not always easy. Most bikers prefer motorcycles by famous foreign builders, and locally produced components won’t do at all. Therefore, original parts and accessories have to be imported.

And so a quest for original parts and frantic search through online catalogues begin. Then you make a 100% prepayment and wait “a lifetime” for your purchase to be shipped and delivered. If your friends can recommend you a webstore that proved to be reliable – you are lucky. If you receive your parcel safe and well – you one lucky devil! 

But what if there is neither good advice, nor any hope for reliable shipping? Take it easy. There are several good companies, which have been offering quality motorcycle spare parts for quite some time in Ukraine, an in Kyiv in particular. Such companies officially represent international producers in Kyiv and, hence, can guarantee quality and provide complete updated catalogues. 

The major advantage of such stores is that they usually keep a considerable inventory of motorcycle parts and accessories. In result, everybody’s happy: you save time and money, while the store gets a solid client. You can always order spare parts for your bike in Kyiv or other big cities. 

Many Kyiv motorcycle stores are so hardcore, it would be a piece of cake to find a necessary part for your bike through their high-end catalogue systems. Should a part you need be out of stock – don’t worry! International shipments between your local store and its foreign supplier are usually well organized, and your order will arrive real quick. Now you can speed up your bike’s repair.

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What you give is what you get. It’s clear to anyone, that a motorcycle will show the best performance if it has all its original production parts in place. Only original components could last your bike a lifetime. 

Your motorcycle is a living creature that would feel an alien inside it and would reject the off-brand part with its body and soul. Don’t take chances, use only original spare parts with quality guaranteed by the manufacturer. Treat your bike as a family member and it will never let you down! 

It is best to service your bike where you’ve bought it, since the seller should have inventory of original components. This simple tactic could save you time – the workshop employees will both treat your motorcycle and find required spare parts quickly. 

For instance, you can find motorcycle parts and accessories at Custom Culture in Kyiv (Petrivka). Our employees are experts in all things motorcycle and are always happy to deliver you help and advice on the best component for your “friend”. Our mechanics will replace and install new components if required, using the most sophisticated technologies available today. They will also help you make your motorcycle unique with new accessories and personalized design. They are truly almighty! Just come and see!

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